New front runner for weirdest job ad

Last month I posted about a truly bizarre Classics job ad at a Canadian university. Today I came across an ad that tops this one, a postdoc at my alma mater the University of St. Andrews. It is for two four-year research fellows, one specializing in the ‘history of rat-catching,’ and the other in the history of ‘rat-proofing.’ These are part of a project in St. Andrews’ Department of Social Anthropology, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust,¬†entitled ‘The Global War Against the Rat and the Epistemic Emergence of Zoonosis.’ Much as I would like to a) go back to Scotland, and b) have the job title of ‘Research Fellow in Rat-Catching,’ I am unfortunately not qualified for this post, as I lack adequate knowledge of rats. But I encourage those with relevant qualifications to apply!