My updated job guide

I have just posted the latest version of my guide to classical archaeology job market here and at, where it has already received a fair bit of attention. The main additions are some comments about COVID-19, an appendix with tables summarizing the typologies of jobs and institutions, another index listing archaeologically relevant fellowships (some of which are better than others), and a postscript discussing my departures from academia in 2016 and again (most likely) in 2020.

This will likely be my final update to the guide, since my own future in academia seems quite uncertain. On the one hand, I still have applications pending for academic work various kinds, one of which may yet pan out, in which case my gloomy outlook will have been unwarranted. On the other, it is very difficult to be optimistic at a time like this. It is true that I have already been forced out of academia once and nevertheless managed to return. But that was in a very different economy than the present one, and I am preparing myself for the very real possibility that this time there will be coming back.