Taking all bets!

Today I report the startling news that there is now yet another successor to Famae Volent, Famae Restitutae. My feelings about these sites are well known to anyone who has read my job guide, and I have no reason to expect this one to be any different. So I wager that by mid-December it will have descended into right-wing protests of the apolitical nature of the classics, with a healthy dose of racism for a good measure.

I’m okay!

This site has been quiet lately, mainly because I’ve been in the hospital. Twelve years ago I had an aortic valve replacement to correct a congenital defect, and three weeks ago the replacement valve gave out entirely. So, after enjoying a fine Oktoberfest with some friends, I took myself to the ER. A week later I had my second valve replacement. I am happy to report that the worst parts of this experience have been a) hospital food, b) hospital beds, c) anemia, d) how much my wound itches as it becomes a scar, and e) not being able to lift anything heavier than five pounds. It’s maddening! But it beats the alternative.

Marble relief of Nergal from Hatra. 89.0 x 74.0 cm. Formerly Mosul Museum. Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons. (This has nothing to do with my medical condition; I just like it.)