Mining Nose Gold

Today I report another startling new discovery: the earliest evidence (to my knowledge) of nose-picking. This is an Old Babylonian votive statue (ca. 1760 BCE) in the Louvre, which is said to have been found at Larsa. While that provenance is of dubious value, the iconography speaks for itself:

Old Babylonian Votive Statue, ca. 1760 BCE. Bronze, gold and silver; H. 19.6 cm. Louvre AO 15704.

The Late Bronze Age

I have just made a stunning discovery: in the 1980s there was a surrealist band called The Late Bronze Age. The group was led by the self-styled Colonel Bruce Hampton (ret.), formerly of the Hampton Grease Band, who went on to form The Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Codetalkers, and The Quark Alliance. The group released two albums, Outside Looking Out (1980) and Isles of Langerhan (1982). The New York Times called them “unabashedly weird.”

Outside Looking Out (1980)

Perhaps I can find a theme song for one of my classes…