In memoriam Lance Reddick (1962-2023)

Today it is my sad duty to commemorate the passing of Lance Reddick. He was easily one of my favorites, not least for his distinctive saunter, and to an extent I felt like I knew him because his best roles (in my humble view) created a sort of cursus honorum.

First he was Lt. Cedric Daniels in The Wire.

Then he joined Homeland Security as Philip Broyles in Fringe:

Then, not to rest on his laurels, he ended up as chief of the LAPD in Bosch:

As careers go, in acting or in law enforcement, this is a meteoric rise, and, in my view anyway, well deserved. I am sad I will never see him as Chairman of the Joints Chiefs, Secretary of Defense, or Vice President. He would, I’m sure, have been tremendous in all of those roles.