In Search of In Search of Cultural Identities

I am very happy to announce that In Search of Cultural Identities in West and Central Asia: A Festschrift for Prudence Oliver Harper now has a place on the Brepols website. For you visual learners out there, here is the cover:

The cover features a detail of a Sasanian bowl with female busts, 3rd-4th cen. CE
(MMA 1970.5; Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1970).

I can claim no credit for designing the cover (though I did suggest the image), nor can I claim any responsibility for the contents, beyond some basic editing and organizational work. Instead, the real credit goes to my co-editors Judith Lerner and Betty Hensellek for envisioning the project, arranging publication and recruiting the contributors, and of course to the contributors themselves, who are listed on the Brepols page in the Table of Contents for the book.

Publication is expected by the end of the year. I am looking forward to it very much!